Information on Making a Donation


Due to the increase in the number of requests we have continuous ongoing costs such as postage and fimo clay.

Along with monetary donations we are always seeking stamps, pre-paid postal satchels, and padded bags.

All donations can be sent to us at

Bottles of Hope P.O. Box 4496 Springfield QLD, 4300, Australia.

For a complete break down of our costs please read the information below.



 Over 2000 bottles are Sent each year.....

We are a Non - Profit Program and All Donations and money raised is used for the sole purpose of making and sending the bottles including printing of posters.


Donations :

Here is a brief guide of how your money could help the program:
$1.00 will allow us to make a single bottle
$4.50 will cover the postage costs on a single bottle to a patient
$30-$40 will cover the delivery costs on a hospital startup pack
$50 will allow us to supply a Hospital with bottles which can last upto 1 month
$60 will buy us 30 color posters that can be displayed to help promote this free service
$100 will buy 200 brochures that can be placed in Oncology wards and other waiting rooms
$275 will provide 50 patients with bottles including the postage costs
$4000 will fund the complete program for 4-6 months based on our current demands

How Corporations Can Help :

.The Redlands Rotary Club have been a great support with donations and contacts. We are actively seeking help from print publications, media and medical outlets to promote this free service.
Corporations can host dress down days, host a raffle or just simply display our posters. If you can help the program in any way please contact us with your suggestions.

Who has helped :

We would like to give a special thanks to the following people for their donations, effort and overall support of the program

Mr Tony Stone
Redlands Rotary Club
Snap Printing
Redlands Breast Cancer Support Group
Bottles of Hope.Org for their guidance
Stefan's Hair Salons for their donations of bottles

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