About The Program

How we got started & Information about the bottles.

The Bottles of Hope Program was started in 1999 by a cancer survivor and in 2003 thanks to local sponsors we were able
to launch "Bottles Of Hope" in Australia.

While this project is new in Australia, in America 1000's of these
bottles are distributed in over a dozen hospitals and charity groups

Bottles of Hope are small recycled glass bottles that have been decorated
using Fimo clay and are given free to cancer patients to spread a little hope and to let them know we are thinking about them.

Some recipents keep them as a momento of their hospital treatment, fill them with prayers, love or hope and others consider the bottles a wish of future good health.

Friends and family also give the bottles to loved ones to let them know they are thinking of them.

"This bottle is for your worries and the aches within your heart. A place to tuck away your fears, where peace and love can start. So keep it close beside you, only you know where you’ve been. It will help you through the road ahead because it’s full of hope within.’

Each bottle contains the above Poem as an inspiration gesture

These Bottles are small but provide patients with a great deal
of sentimental value as each bottle is requested by someone
they love, letting the patients know they are not alone

Small promotional video for Corporations to view


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